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Ian Wallace

Noir work selected

I’m delighted to have my film Noir photography image “Where?” Included in this months Analog Forever Magazine (@analogforeverzine) group exhibition themed “Noir”. The images in the exhibition were curated by Blue Mitchell (@bluemitchellart) and feature storytelling and dark themes. Its great to be included. Thanks!

Why not pop over to the the Exhibition Gallery as there are loads of really engaging film Noir photography images. I really like this style that draws you in and gets you thinking about the story that’s unfolding in the picture. My favourites are by Toy Adams and Jaime Asensio. The exhibition really makes you think about the breadth of this genre. I must do some more!

My image was taken on a photo walk in Carnaby Street the lady with the hat had been happy to pose as I took pictures of her in the street but it was this silhouette that I liked best when I processed the film. She’d lost her group or they’d not met up yet.. the story is there for you to make up in the photograph.