Newbury through the Stereoscope

ET Brook Stereocard West Mills Newbury a lovely 3D view of Newbury from around 1865.  Children peer through the canal swing bridge.
ET Brook Stereocard West Mills Newbury

Newbury through the stereoscope is a project that brings together a unique collection of Victorian and Edwardian stereoscopic 3D views of Newbury. The book focusses on the work of two photographers in particular: ET Brooks who in the 1860; was the first professional photographer to make stereo views of Newbury and Rev JSW Stanwell an extraordinary amateur who helped found the first Camera Club in Newbury in 1900.

The book includes the images of the original cards and now and then Anaglyph 3D images that can be viewed with the included anaglyph glasses.

This collection of 3D views of Newbury took many years to assemble, and the book also include cards from other notable collections including the West Berkshire Museum.

Newbury through the Stereoscope a book of 3D images of Newbury and the stories of th photographers who created them.
Newbury through the Stereoscope

ET Brooks set up business in the center of Newbury in 1857. He quickly set about building a local reputation as a photographer and supplier of artists materials. The Stereocard craze was just beginning, and ET Brooks took the opportunity to get on the bandwagon with a series of local 3D stereoview.

35 years later a young Primitive Methodist minister came to Newbury. He was artistic and already a keen photographer. He quickly became involved with the local social scene and was the Hon. Secretary of Newbury’s first Camera Club.

His own photography included stereo views of Newbury and lantern slides of great beauty.

Over 100 years later the author has collected the work of these two men revisited the locations of their photographs and presented them along with their stories for a modern audience. The book also includes a general introduction to Stereo photography.

This story of Newbury through the Stereoscope is also available as a in person talk with 3D anaglyph glasses. Enquire about talks here