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On A Hill Road Talks
On A Hill Road Talks

I have a number of pre-prepared talks that I can deliver to your club, society, school, college or interest group. Most talks have 3D content and will engage your audience.

The talks listed below are ready to be delivered and work best in person. Zoom and similar can work but requires viewers to be supplied in advance.

If you would like some other sort of 3D stereo or photo history subject to be covered why not ask me about what you have in mind? I can cover lots of photographic history and photography topics.

Available Talks

Topic/Title of Talk
Stereo photography – Captivating 3D images from 1842 to 2022
The story of 3D photography from 1842. In the talk we explore what are stereo images and why were they so popular with Victorians. A talk packed with the best 3D images that tells the story of 3D stereo photographs from Talbots first images up to the modern day.
3D and Colour Photography 100 over years old!
It is surprising to learn that both 3D and Colour photography are over 100 years old. In this talk we learn a little about some early exponents of each.
On a Hill Road – Scotland in Stereo 3D
Discover Edwardian Scotland with Andrew and Harriet Milne (Various lengths: from 45mins)
The Victorian Trossachs in 3D
A wander through on of the Victorians favourite parts of Scotland made famous by the writings of Sir Walter Scott (30mins)
Victorian Newbury in 3D
See Newbury through the eyes of local stereo photographers and learn of their lives in Newbury,
(1 hr)
EAB and the exposure of the Autochrome
A talk for photographers and protohistorians discovering the early colour photography and working practices of EA Biermann. (15-30 mins)
Make your own 3D images!
The History and practice of making 3D images for fun! can be combined with other talks.

Talk durations can be varied. Please allow time for some questions!

Contact me here for more details or DM me on Instagram or Twitter @ian_onahillroad.

Victorian Newbury in 3D Talk in the Cloth Hall
Victorian Newbury in 3D Talk in the Cloth Hall