Ian Wallace – Published and Exhibited Work

I’ve been delighted to have had work accepted for publication or display on the occasions detailed below. Also listed below is my published photo history research. My many thanks to the organisations involved who have published or exhibited my work. I now regularly submit new work to selected open calls and am always delighted to have my work accepted. Usually, I have an ongoing Photo History project or two.

I Long to Return at the SWC "Finding a Way Home" Exhibition in 2021
I Long to Return at the SWC “Finding a Way Home” Exhibition in 2021
Admiring the Walking Madona at the Wiltshire Open
The Walking Madona at the Wiltshire Open

Exhibited Work

Original Photography
Wiltshire Creative Summer Open 2022 “The Walking Madonna”
Analog Forever Group Exhibition May 2022 “Waiting”

Ilford Friday Favourites #framedfilm Nov 2021

Analog Forever Group Exhibition April 2021 “Noir”
English Riviera Photography Showcase 2021/The South West Collective – “Finding A Way Home”
Inside the Outside Publication. 2021 On the the theme “Right to Roam”
Ilford Friday Favourites #filmpeople November 2020
Ilford Friday Favourites #Happiness March 2020
Bright Rooms Zine Fair, Peckham 2020
Sheepshed Gallery, Andover May 2018
History of Photography
Newbury Through the Stereoscope Published in October 2022
EA Bierman and the Exposure of the Autochrome plate – The PhotoHistorian No192 Spring 2022
(The Journal of the Royal Photographic Society’s Historical Group)
E.A.B. and the Exposure of the Autochrome – A Paper for the V&A Colour Fever festival Nov 2021
St Andrews Stereo Photography Conference Speaker (Oct 2018)
“On a Hill Road” The Photographic story of the 3D photography of Andrew Guthrie Milne Published in October 2018