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Original Photography and Photo History by Ian Wallace.

Celebrating International Stereoscopy Day, 21st June 2022

Greenhouse Glamis Castle
Greenhouse Glamis Castle

Stereoscopy Day celebrates across the world the anniversary of the day in 1838 when Sir Charles Wheatstone officially presented his stereoscope to the Royal Society of London and demonstrated his theory of binocular vision.  Learn more about the events of the day at www.stereoscopyday.com

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My photography

My photography draws on a wide range of influences and reflects the way my curious eye sees the world. All my original photographic images are taken on film or using alternative photographic processes in formats from 35mm to Whole Plate (8½”x6½”).

All my original photography is usually available to purchase as handmade darkroom or alternative process prints. Please contact me for commissions for portraits, projects and print requests.

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The Whole Plate gallery of original photography

35mm Photography Zines!

I’m really excited to introduce my Zines “Passing thorough Paddington” and “Hallowzine!” The Halloween Zine.
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Hallowzine the Halloween Zine
Hallowzine! The Halloween Zine

35mm and other film format photography